Update for SuperSeal 30 Paver Sealer Review 2021

When it comes to quality concrete and paver sealers you cannot overlook SuperSeal 30 Concrete Sealer. This high gloss, “wet look” sealer is manufactured by Clemons Concrete Coatings. A look at a SuperSeal 30 review shows it as a top choice among professionals for sealing concrete and paver surfaces. This resin formula is designed to create a protective and decorative finish. SuperSeal is a non-yellowing styrene-acrylic polymer sealer with extra ultra violet blockers and light stabilizers that create a durable surface membrane to resist UV rays and water.

The official SuperSeal 30 review shows it is very popular for use on regular concrete, exposed aggregate, brick pavers, stamped, and decorative concrete. SuperSeal 30 is 30% solid content of acrylic yet is a breathable solvent-based sealer that darkens the appearance of the surface while leaving a high gloss shine. SuperSeal 30 does not leave an annoying yellowing or white haze even after 1-2 years. Tests show that SuperSeal 30 retains about 70% of its glossy wet look even after 2 years. The special UV blockers and light stabilizers help to retain the natural color of concrete and pavers.


In reviews of SuperSeal 30 we did learn that it is not compliant in all 50 states due to VOC regulations. Be sure to check your area’s VOC laws prior to purchasing SuperSeal 30 Paver and Concrete Sealer. Expect approximately 100-125 square foot of coverage rate using a roller or other application tool. SuperSeal 30 cleans up with xylene or lacquer thinner. We found the dry time to be around 4-12 hours depending on the weather and sun exposure.

This high gloss concrete sealer can be applied over the top of paver sand joints as well. It will actually harden and help solidify sand joints between pavers for a more solid installation. The sealer is slightly slippery for the first week or two after application but is not an issue after fully curing. Our SuperSeal 30 review gave this product a good score in appearance, durability, and longevity.

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    Bruce Ferch · 05/01/2022
    Do I need to strip my stamped concrete b4 applying the super seal 30 ? It was previously seale 2 years ago?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      Brick Paver Sealer · 05/01/2022
      That depends on many things. What did you use prior and please add some pics in the comments of the current condition. 
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    mark · 05/11/2021
    can super seal 30 be applied by sprayer
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Arjmund · 04/23/2021
    What temperature can this sealer be used at?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    William hickman · 06/23/2020
    Can super seal 30 be used over brick pavers that have been previously sealed. Sealed probably over 5–6 years ago