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SuperSeal 25 Review

by Brick Paver Sealer

Update for SuperSeal 25 Paver Sealer Review 2023

In recent reviews of SuperSeal 25 tests have shown this solvent-based semi-gloss concrete and paver sealer to consistently be at the top of the charts. The formula is 25% solids and results in a beautiful wet look semi-gloss finish that leaves a slight darkening appearance that we have found to help enhance faded colors. This breathable acrylic curing compound is best used on interior and exterior concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete designs.

The SuperSeal 25 review showed excellent product penetration into sand joints to reduce unwanted weed growth, insects, and erosion. The sealer solidifies the sand joints making for a more durable base that stands up well to harsh weather and UV fading. The SuperSeal 25 review also showed no visible signs of white hazing even at the 2-year mark as well as zero peeling or chipping. The sealer seems to dry in a few hours after application and will allow for traffic within 24-48 hours.

 The formula in SuperSeal 25 consists of UV blockers and light stabilizers to stop UV yellowing, which is a common problem for some concrete and paver sealers. This also aids in color retention and enhancement of natural colors. SuperSeal 25 leaves a protective membrane that assists the curing of newly placed concrete as well as giving it a decorative finish. SuperSeal is easily applied with a brush, roller or metal sprayer and coats evenly leaving a consistent finish.

In reviewing SuperSeal 25 we did find that it is not compliant in all 50 states. Check your area for compliance prior to purchasing. In nearly all tests only 1 coat was necessary to achieve the proper amount of penetration and protection. SuperSeal 25 is available online from authorized dealers. Cleanup requires xylene or lacquer thinner. SuperSeal 25 is a top choice for leading concrete and paver contractors. For a beautiful long-lasting finish, SuperSeal 25 is most definitely a chief contender in the latest sealer reviews and should not be overlooked.

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3 years ago

I need to seal my travertine to protect it from my salt water pool, fading and add a slip resistant surface. What do you recommend?

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