Armstrong Clark Oil Based Wood Deck Stains

Concrete and Brick Sealers / Water Repellents

by Brick Paver Sealer

Questions regarding all types of Concrete and Brick Sealing. Questions should relate to How-To Tips and the different types of Sealers and Water Repellents

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Frank Stagliano
Frank Stagliano
13 years ago

Please advise difference beween this product and the solvent 100 relative to removing moisture that caused the milky white appearance in my brick pavers. Which is best.

Tony A.
Tony A.
13 years ago

Do you have any before and after pictures of the different sealants you have? My paves have been sealed before and I don’t think thye need to be stripped, but I want to try to match up some new pavers with the same gloss or shine of the sealant from before. Plus I want to reapply over top of the old pavers to help seal in reswept sand.

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