SuperSeal30 Gloss 5 Gallon

SuperSeal30 Gloss 5 Gallon

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Most durable and highest shine availablespraysealer

  • 30% Acrylic Solids for High Gloss Shine
  • Cures and Seals all Brick Pavers, Decorative Concrete, Exposed Aggregate
  • Protects from dirt, grime and UV exposure
  • Adds a shine and enhances by darkening, similar to a wet look
  • Does not yellow from UV exposure
  • Helps solidify sand. Reduces weeds and insects

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Super Seal 30 is not suggested for Clay Pavers.

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We coated our patio with SuperSeal30...omg - not only easy to do - but the difference it made was wife and I worked as a team - she did the rolling...I edged....the stuff looks amazing
Chris G , June 21, 2012
re: WOW
Thank you for the positive feedback!
TheSealerStore , June 21, 2012
Easy to Use, Looks Amazing!
I coated the rolled concrete deck around our pool. It went on very easily and looks incredible. It was so easy to put on. I used a roller with a 3/4" nap. Just a hint, I wore out 2 rollers, probably should have had 4. Put on a 2nd coat with the Super Grip added. The second coat went on even faster and easier, and I probably used only 1/2 as much sealer on the 2nd coat.
Lauren C , June 21, 2013
Unbelieveable! I used the SuperSeal30 on my pavers this weekend and they look better than they did when first installed. I researched many sealants including the local ones used in AZ and went with this product. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and how easy it was to apply.
Frank B. , August 19, 2013
Will the sand come up from the cracks and stick to the brick if we roll out the sealer?
Mandi , August 26, 2013
Mandi, if the sand is newly installed and "soft", it is very possible that this could happen.
TheSealerStore , August 26, 2013
so any suggestions?
we applied the sand 5 weeks ago and then did a touch up 2 weeks ago.
Mandi , August 26, 2013
We just had a Red Colorado Flagstone patio installed and the joints were filled with colored mortar. The joints are about 2 inches wide. The rock is porous. We do not want gloss or the wet look. What product would you suggest. We want it to last as long as possible.
Greg Purkeypile , July 17, 2015
Greg, Try the SuperSeal-M water repellent if you do not want to change the appearance.
TheSealerStore , July 19, 2015
Starting my prep work I will be using superseal30 on brick pavers. What type of roller should I use and how many should I use on 600 ft. Thanks Ed
Ed Anthony , April 27, 2016
re: Rollers
For the sealer, use a 3/8 nap roller that can handle a solvent sealer. 1-2 of the roller covers should be enough.
TheSealerStore , April 27, 2016
Pump Sprayer
I am using a pump sprayer for application as the sand wants to lift with a roller. What is the recommended reduction rate with aromatic solvent. It is way too thick without reducing.
Jim , December 23, 2016
The SS30 is not supposed to be thinned. If you spray you will need a heavy duty metal sprayer like this one:

It will not spray with a cheap plastic sprayer. The thickness and the solvent will ruin a plastic sprayer.

On another note, it seems that your sand is too high. It should be done a 1/4 to 1/2 lower than the top of the paver. This would stop the sand from being removed when applying with a roller. In addition, use a sponge type roller. They will have less of a chance of getting down in the sand joints.
TheSealerStore , December 23, 2016

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SuperSeal30 Gloss 5 Gallon | Solvent-Based | Brick Paver Sealers |
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SuperSeal30 Tech Info

Gallon Sizes:
1's & 5's
Coats  Required:
1 Coat, Extra coats will result in higher gloss
Coverage Per Gallon:
Concrete Pavers:
100-125 sq. ft. per gallon
Decorative/Stamped Concrete:
150 sq. ft per gallon
45-100 F
Application Tools:
Dry Time:
2-4 Hours, 24 hours for vehicular traffic
Aromatic 100, Xylene
State VOC Limits:
Not Compliant in all States
More Info:
Product Data