SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon

SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon

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SuperSeal Matte will enhance the natural color of the concrete or pavers put has an additive to reduce the sheen. This sealer can be used for Brick Pavers, Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate and other types of Decorative Concrete Surfaces.

  • Enhances and Darkens Surface
  • Additive to Lower the Lustre
  • Reduces erosion
  • Seals and Cures Surface




free shipping with ground services

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home owner
Looking for sealer to enhance but not be slippery.
What do u recommend
Sue cherry , June 03, 2014
Use the SuperSeal Matte or the Surebond SB-6000.
TheSealerStore , June 04, 2014
Can you tell me the difference between Super Seal Matte or the Surebond Sb-6000?
Camryn , June 16, 2014
SS Matte has some shine ans is solvent based. SB-6000 is water based with no shine. Both darken the color but the SS Matter will darken more.
TheSealerStore , June 17, 2014
I have 400sq feet to cover and am trying to understand the difference in the 10 Super Seal Matte 2) MasonrySavor and 3) SB-6000
Before committing my entire deck, are the small sample sizes available?
I have extra pavers and could try on them.
Bruce Donsker , December 03, 2014
Difference between a solvent and water base in life?
Bruce Donsker , December 03, 2014
Sorry but we do not have samples. SuperSeal Matte is solvent while the other two are water based. Some gloss with the SS Matte and the Masonry Saver Paver Sealer. No gloss with the SB-6000. All will give a wet look but you will get a deeper and richer wet look with a solvent/SS Matte.

Solvents usually last a little longer.
opwdecks , December 04, 2014
President, Oklahoma Landscape, Inc
looking for a sealer that will boost Belgard pavers color, wet look with high gloss. I would prefer this is a penetrating sealer with no film forming left on top. do you have a sealer for this applicaton?
Aaron Wiltshire , June 10, 2015
re: President, Oklahoma Landscape, Inc
It is not possible to have a gloss without filming of some sort.
TheSealerStore , June 10, 2015

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SuperSeal Matte Info

Gallon Sizes:
5's Only
Coats  Required:
1 Coat
Coverage Per Gallon:
Concrete Pavers:
100-125 sq. ft. per gallon
Decorative/Stamped Concrete:
150 sq. ft per gallon
45-100 F
Application Tools:
Metal Pump Sprayer, Roller
Dry Time:
2-4 Hours, 24 hours for vehicular traffic
Aromatic 100, Xylene
State VOC Limits:
Not Compliant in all States
More Info:
Product Data