Wet Look Paver Sealers are not the same as adding a gloss or a shine. A "Wet Look" relates to the darkening of the brick similar to as if wet with water. These sealer types can also have different shine levels:

  • No gloss
  • Matte or low luster
  • Semi-Gloss
  • High Gloss.

In addition Wet Look Paver Sealants can help solidify the jointing sand between the brick paves.


Here is a list of the Wet Look Paver Sealers we sell:

SuperSeal 30

-The SuperSeal 30 is a high acrylic sealer that will darken the colors considerably while leaving a modest shine level similar to a gloss. Solvent based.

SuperSeal 25

-The SuperSeal 25 will enhance the colors of your pavers dramatically will leaving a semi-gloss shine level. This is a solvent based sealer.

SuperSeal Matte

-Same as the SuperSeal25 but with an additive to lower the shine level to a matte finish. This sealer will give a rich wet look.

MasonrySaver Paver Sealer

-Water based sealer that will leave a moderate darkening and shine level.

SB-6000 Wet Look Sealer

-SB-6000 does not leave a gloss but does enhance the color similar to as if wet. Water based.

Take inconsideration the gloss levels will vary depending on the porosity and application coverage of the sealer.


If you have a question on which sealer to use, please ask below in the comment area.

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re: Fireplace brick wall
No the SB-6000 will not work well. Unfortunately our sealers are designed more for concrete pavers, stamped, etc and are not designed for your application scenario.
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2016
Concrete Pool Deck
Hi, I have a stamped concrete pool deck. Most importantly I'm looking for something that is not slippery and is not glossy. I like the more natural look even if it is a "wet" look. I'm not sure whether the SB-6000 or the SuperSeal Matte would be a better choice. Also my deck hasn't been sealed in a while. As such, can I use one coat as recommended or do I need two. Finally, do I need another agent mixed with the sealant to make the surface less slippery?
Calais , June 06, 2016
Use the SB-6000 for this scenario as it will not be slippery, does not have a gloss, and no need for an additive.
TheSealerStore , June 06, 2016
Concrete Pool Deck
Hi, thanks for the quick response! One follow-up question. My concrete pool deck hasn't been sealed in a while. Can I use one coat as recommended or do I need two. My contractor is telling me I need two. Thanks!
Calais , June 06, 2016
You will need two coats with the SB-6000
TheSealerStore , June 07, 2016
SuperSeal 25 low VOC vs SB-6000
What is the difference in the wet look between the SuperSeal25 low VOC vs the Surebond-6000? If they have the same wet look, the I prefer the SB-6000 because it's not glossy. However, if the wet look is much better on the SuperSeal25, then I would get that instead and live with the gloss look. It's a trade-off thing ... Thanks!
pt , August 09, 2016
You will get a richer wet look with the SS VOC over the SB-6000. The SB-6000 does not have shine but the VOC does.
TheSealerStore , August 10, 2016
Richcliff unilock paver
We had the patio put in last year and we used dawn mist and pebble taupe richcliff unilock pavers. We are thinking of sealing it but the color of the pebble taupe hasn't come through to make them stand out from the dawn mist. Should we wait to seal it or is there another product that will remove whatever is added to the block during the manufacturing process .
Anna , June 13, 2017

It is not possible to make a certain color come through so not sure what you mean? Sealing with a wet look sealer will enhance all so it looks like it is wet with water.
TheSealerStore , June 14, 2017
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