High Gloss Brick Paver Sealers are the most popular coatings for exterior and interior brick patios. Gloss sealers will enhance the natural colors in your brick while sealing and protecting them. These types of sealers contain a high amount of "acrylics". The higher the acrylic level, the more gloss that can be obtained and typically the longer it will take the Sun'd UV to fade them.

In this article we will go over the different brands and types of high gloss paver sealants.

SuperSeal 30 - Solvent Based

SuperSeal 30 contains the most acrylic of an sealer on the market. Containing 30% solids, this sealer will darken the appearance while leaving a high gloss. This product is a styrene acrylic as well. This means it can be used as a cure and seal. It has tiny "pinholes" that allow the sealer to breathe. This drastically reduces any chance of blushing from trapped moisture.

SuperSeal 25 - Solvent Based

SuperSeal 25 is that same as the 30 but with only 25% solid content. This will darken the pavers and leave a semi-gloss sheen. SuperSeal 25 is the most popular brick paver sealer on the Internet. Great for all decorative concrete surfaces.

SuperSeal VOC - Solvent Based

SuperSeal VOC is a the same as the 25 but can be shipped to all states. Certain states have adopted lower VOC laws. The SuperSeal VOC versions still contains 25% solids but has an exempt solvent that allows it to be used in these states. No difference in performance.

Surebond SB-7000 - Water Based

SB-7000 is a premium performance water based sealer. Designed to seal and stabilize the joint sand between the pavers, SB-7000 will add a nice gloss to the surface as well. This sealer does not darken the appearance.

Paver Sealers are not all the same. When researching a sealer for your patio, you should look for:

  • Solid Content - More means higher gloss
  • Styrene acrylics allow the bricks to breathe
  • Stay away from cheap water based paver sealants from Home Depot and Lowes



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We just installed remodel pavers over sand/cool deck. It is around the pool. Trying to decide between the SB 7000 and the Defy epoxy/ acrylic paver sealer. I want good joint sand stability, wet look with satin to semi-gloss finish..without it being too slippery!. I have about. 900 sf. SB states only 1 coat is required whereas Defy states 2coats. Any advise would be appreciated.
I am going with water based as the pavers are only 3wks old and don't want to risk blushing. Thanks , Bob
Bob , June 27, 2013
Thanks for reply. I actually did use Sample of the defy paver sealer. Once dried I did not note any gloss not even Matt compared to unsealed paver.. Did not " lock" the joint sand either. I did use 2 coats.
Bob , June 28, 2013
The other option is to apply one coat of the SB-6000 first then top that with the SB-7000.
TheSealerStore , June 29, 2013
Chicago Brick Pavers by pool oIn FL - 5 yrs old
I interested am interested in a gloss not sure between superseal 30 or 25.

They are faded and we like the color when they are wet by rain or pool water. Looks richer and not faded by sun.

What do u suggest and where do we buy your product in Tampa, FL.

Sharon Barthle
Sharon Barthle , April 12, 2014
We only sell online and the SS30 would be the way to go.
TheSealerStore , April 13, 2014
question on sealers.
Is there a sealer for brick pavers that will give you the high gross but will not change the color (or darken) the brick pavers.?
Diana R. , January 05, 2015
re: question on sealers.
The only one that will give some gloss without a wet look is the Surebond SB-7000.
opwdecks , January 05, 2015

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