Masonry Saver (Defy) Paver Sealer 1 Gallon

Masonry Saver (Defy) Paver Sealer 1 Gallon


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After proper applicatin, Defy Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer creates a rich "wet" look without causing the pavers to become slippery. It is also stabilizes the joint sand, hardening in place. This helps with insects, sand washout, weeds, and grass.

  • Protection for Water & UV Damage
  • Protection from Winter Salts
  • Protects from Freeze/Thaw
  • Stabilizes Joint Sand
  • Minimizes Weeds and Insects
Masonry Saver (Defy) Paver Sealer 1 Gallon |
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Defy Paver Sealer Info

Gallon Sizes:
1's & 5's
Coats  Required:
2 Coats.
Coverage Per Gallon:
Cement Pavers:
75-150 sq. ft. per gallon
Clay Pavers:
150-200 sq. ft. per gallon
50-100 F
Application Tools:
Dry Time:
2 Hours
Water & Soap
More Info:
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