Travertine Paver SealerHow to Seal Travertine Pavers

A beautiful hardscape can be created using travertine pavers. There are many exterior uses for these types of pavers like driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, and more. Sealing travertine pavers can help enhance their beauty and prolong their longevity.

Before you seal travertine pavers, they need to be cleaned. Use a mild detergent to remove any moderate dirt buildup and contaminants with a brush or pressure washer. Perform spot cleaning on specific stains if necessary using the appropriate cleaner such as a degreaser on oil spots, a rust remover on rust stains, and so on.


Allow the travertine pavers to dry for a day or more before sealing. To seal travertine pavers, use a water repellent siloxane based sealer like Masonry Saver Heavy Duty or SuperSeal M. This will help the pavers to resistant moisture and UV rays and keep them from weathering. You can also use an acrylic based sealer like SuperSeal 25 to enhance the paver’s color similar as to if wet with water and give a shiny finish.


Before sealing, check the weather to be sure it is clear of rain and extreme temperatures. It is best to apply the sealer using a roller or pump sprayer. A good metal contractor grade pump sprayer is ideal. Use plastic to block of any surface you do not want sealer on.

Start in one corner of the area to be sealed and work in sections spraying just enough sealer to cover the surface. After spraying a section, you can use a roller to spread the sealer for a more even application. Complete the process until all the travertine pavers are sealed.

Regular sealing maintenance should be performed on travertine pavers every 1-3 years or as needed. Protecting your hardscape travertine paver investment is a wise decision that will ensure the pavers last for many years of use and continue adding value to your home.

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Travatine paver
What temputure should the weather be is it best to seal it in the morning and not hot sun I live in fl so any answer can help
Jeff m , August 09, 2014
Depend on the brand but 70-90 is usually okay.
TheSealerStore , August 10, 2014
Is it ok to use a pressure washer with surface cleaner to clean?
Mike Sandefur , May 16, 2017
re: Is it ok to use a pressure washer with surface cleaner to clean?
Yes, it is fine to prep this way/
TheSealerStore , May 16, 2017

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